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Smile, it's yoga! Yoga classes in the Malvern area.

Introducing Malvern Wells Yoga

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Welcome to the very first Malvern Wells Yoga blog post.

I’m Kat.  Very pleased to meet you!  I’m a Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher and I am registered with the Yoga Alliance.  I qualified in September 2012 with Frog Lotus International.  For more information about me, please click the About Me link.

In Sanskrit, ‘vinyasa’ means connection.  Connection with yourself and with the world around you.  ‘Yoga’ means union.  In Vinyasa Flow Yoga, the connection between breath and movement facilitates the union between mind, body and spirit.

Please see my Classes page for details of my current classes in the Malvern area.

I also teach private individual and group classes.  Please email or call me for more information.



Author: MWYogaKat

RYT-200 Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher. Fluent French and Spanish speaker. I also play a bass clarinet. I own a classic Jag. I love my husband and our 3 cats.

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